Market Access

Market Access has become an essential function in the pharmaceutical industry, especially when it comes to understanding the healthcare market.

The Market Access department secures preferred formulary and treatment protocol enlistment for company products, in order to maximize appropriate utilization, through providing tailored value messages to key stakeholders to achieve payer’s acceptance and patient ability to access the products.

Our main responsibilities include:

  • Understanding access environment and needs of stakeholders involved in the adoption, positioning and funding of the products.
  • Identifying and delivering critical therapeutic value proposition of our products in treating targeted disease conditions.
  • Assessing opportunities to develop access strategies for maximizing patients’ access for the products: regulatory, pricing, reimbursement/inclusion plans.
  • Assisting payers in adopting products’ value proposition and benefits and developing pharmaco-economic solutions.
  • Supporting payers’ disease awareness and education.
  • Maintaining appropriate positioning for all our products.