Algorithm Life In Focus    
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Our ultimate aim is the well being of people. We provide quality products to the health care professionals, developed by a dedicated and committed team of highly skilled personnel.

Algorithm has built its legacy and reputation around a few core values; those same values will guide the Company to shape its future.

Trust and Respect, Ethics and Integrity, Responsibility and Accountability, Quality and Excellence are the core values. They guide everything Algorithm does and they serve as the foundation in our efforts to carry out the vision of the Company and are to be applied through codes of conduct with each of our key stakeholders.
Trust and Respect
We foster a culture of trust and mutual respect in the workplace, with business partners and within our community.
Ethics and Integrity
We commit to conduct business in consistence with all applicable laws and guided by the ethical principles of integrity and transparency.
Responsibility and Accountability
We strive to create a culture of responsibility and accountability while encouraging open communication and solid collaboration among our people.
Quality and Excellence
We drive for excellence by delivering high quality products and services and providing useful and accurate medical information supported by scientific evidence.